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"It is my aim, and the aim of "Genius Plus Soft Co., Ltd." team, that you can come to rely on us on all things of 'software & Telecommunication Products'"

" Let me know how we're doing."

I'm Goi Neeranuch M., the founder and CEO of Genius Plus Soft Co., Ltd. ( I'd like to thank you for visiting our site and take a moment to tell you where we came from and where we're heading.

"Genius Plus Soft Co., Ltd." was founded on a couple of important beliefs. First, it's way too hard for consumers to sort through the over abundance of software available today. We believe that people need only a relevant assortment of the best titles. As a result, our product team has done much of the work of finding the industry's best programs in the most popular software categories. And we are adding more every day - but only titles that we can vouch for.


  • If you work in the software reseller, we invite you to join as a member.
  • We are leading for consumer and small business software.
  • We are also give a most up-to-date software catalog on the Internet.


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How do we accomplish this?

I am experiences in Software License products for more than 9 years before start my own company as "Genius Plus Soft Co., Ltd.".

I have hired a team of independent expert reviewers to

  • Evaluate the software we carry
  • Report software findings to our customer requested in English
  • Also in Thai language which is my native language and make a software resell locally

You also will see more informations of each products review, experiences using software purchased and also telecom-munication products from our site.

Need to get in touch with us ? Here's how...

Genius Plus Soft Co., Ltd.
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Shipping Address:
8/1 Soi Suksavad 25 Yak 1-1, Kwang Bangpakok,
Khet Rajburana, Bangkok 10140

Customer Service (Thailand)

08.9966.1366, 0.2872.0566



USA please call.


Դ ͺ e-mail:



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For more informaiton of any software product required please feel free to contact us at anytimes.
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