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  Nova for WIN

These programs are complete, up-to-date copies of NLSA's product line.
They are fully fully functional except as noted below.

During installation, enter 'demo' when prompted for a serial number.

Nova for Windows
Fully functional except does not save settings between runs.
Register by clicking on "Files/Register this Demo"

Demo runs 10 times.
Register by entering serial number during installation.

  • Fast, accurate real-time tracking information for an unlimited number of of Earth-orbiting satellites.
  • Full-color 3-D maps.  See Nova for Windows' image gallery.
  • Built-in autotracking for turning az/el antennas.
  • Control antennas with the computer joystick
  • Super-simple updates of Keplerian Elements... AMSAT or NASA 2-line format.
  • One-click updating of Keplerian elements via the internet (HTTP & FTP).  Can be completely automated for regularly scheduled updates.
  • Automatic time setting via the internet
  • Easy-to-use frequency display.
  • Capture maps and save them to disk, or e-mail to someone else
  • Automatic sound alarms for satellite AOS, TCA, and LOS.
  • Information-rich graphics + text satellite tracking screens.
  • Also tracks the Moon, Sun, planets, cosmic noise sources, and cold sky.  Displays the star background, too
  • Context-sensitive online Help available at all times.  You can preview the entire Help file if you want to.
  • Exceptional speed and accuracy using James Miller's Plan-13 or T.S. Kelso's adaptation of SGP4/SDP4 tracking algorithms.
  • Full implementation of Escobal's fast rise-set algorithm for nearly-instant AOS/LOS calculations.
  • Complete listing capability for printed output of future passes, mutual windows, two-satellite mutual visibility, satellite eclipses.
  • Sophisticated fully-editable or automatic "Script Tracking" for scheduling future passes of multiple satellites. Nova for Windows can priority-autotrack dozens of satellites.
  • Here are links to Nova for Windows' User's Manual and Help file
  • Quick-Tips shows how easy it is to get started with Nova for Windows (Adobe Acrobat format).
  • If you like to write your own programs, NfW's DDE specifications are here.   Here are code examples for DDE using Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, and C++*.
  • Download Nova for Windows Demo now and convert it to a fully registered copy via e-mail.
  • Here is Nova for Windows' revision history: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.



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