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Snagit 10

Smarter and more efficient ways to grab your images, with updated capture profiles and effects to improve how you capture, edit, share and organize your content.

  • Microsoft Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, or Windows 7*.
  • 1.0 GHz processor ~ Recommended: 2.4 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM ~ Recommended: 1 GB or more
  • 60 MB of hard-disk space for program installation
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later required

* 32-bit or 64-bit

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What’s New in Snagit 10

The ultimate do-it-yourself screen capture tool is better than ever.  Snagit 10 provides a smarter and more efficient way to grab your images, with updated capture profiles and effects to improve how you capture, edit, share and organize your content.

Top 3 features in Snagit 10

All-in-One Capture
Snag anything, on the fly.  Use the newest capture profile to grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window—all with a single hotkey or click.
Updated Transparency
Now you can keep the rounded corners from a captured window… or create a custom shape... and the only background you’ll see is the one on your website, document, or slide.
Upload to
It’s easier than ever to send your captures out for review with built-in, online hosting from  Now you can share your images with an embed code or give them a URL with a clickable thumbnail.  Store, share and gather feedback on all of your visual projects.


Smarter capture options

Updated Magnifier
Like a microscope for your computer screen… use magnified cross hairs to get exact, down-to-the-pixel precision on every capture.
Improved Auto-Scroll
Snagit’s auto-scroll feature has drastically improved and can now sense when you’re on a web page that scrolls.  Snagit will automatically move through the page… capturing it both vertically and horizontally… at your command.  Just point and click.
Formatted Text Capture
Perfect for reviewing text and making changes—grab the text straight off a web page and keep the formatting—then edit and apply different font styles, sizes and colors.


New possibilities

Cut-Out Effect
Stylishly delete unwanted pieces of an image by removing vertical and horizontal sections.  Add a background image to fill the gap, or make it transparent.
Page Curl Effect
Make your image look as if one of the corners is folded over for an eye-grabbing effect.  Pick from one of the preset page curl options, or create your own. 
Share to Camtasia Studio
It’s an old feature, with a new twist.  Take any Snagit image and send it straight to the new Camtasia Studio Library.  Then re-use your favorite customized images in future screencasts. 

You spoke up.  We listened.
Multiple Color Schemes
Are you sick of the black background?  Now you can personalize Snagit and change the background color to blue or silver… or keep it black.  It’s up to you!
Rotating Text
Have some fun with the text bubbles you add to your Snagit images.  Rotate them round-and-round until you find the perfect spot.
Custom Trim Effect
Miss the custom trim effect you had in Version 8?  Back by popular demand, you can custom trim your images pixel-by-pixel, from the top, bottom, left, and right.


If you can see it, you can snag itDon't waste time cropping your captures. Snag exactly what you need, with just a click.

Profiles make it easy. Snagit comes with eleven preset buttons that make screen capture a cinch! Capture a region of your screen, text from a window, the contents of a tall page that scrolls, all the images on a Web page, you get the idea.

Custom suits you. Don't feel limited by the eleven profiles—create your own combinations for nearly unlimited capture possibilities. What's that? You want to set up a keystroke that captures a menu along with the mouse pointer...adds a drop shadow...and sends the image directly to your blog? Sure, no problem!





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