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Product: SAM BroadCaster

System Requirements
SAM Broadcaster can support 4 different databases. The databases are used to store song information and provide website interaction. If you have no database knowledge we recommend you try the FireBird database since it is very easy to install and use*. More experienced users should try to use the MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL databases.
*Please note the FireBird database is not yet 100% compatible with Windows Vista. Windows Vista users should use the MySQL database.



SAM BroadCaster for Windows ic_dl    



This is streaming audio software with a punch: SAM Broadcaster delivers professional sound with crossfading, gap killer, beat matching, volume normalization and 5-band compressor/limiter.

Handles even the LARGEST media libraries: SAM is powerful radio broadcasting software, featuring easy-to-manage categories.

Advanced playlist rotation logic and scheduling makes your internet radio station sound great, even if you are not in front of your computer.

The most advanced streaming encoders: Able to encode aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, WM9 and Ogg - playing on Winamp, Windows Media Player, Live365, MusicMatch, and many more!

Supports all major streaming servers, including SHOUTcast, Windows Media, Live365, SteamCast and IceCast.

View statistics in real-time: Know how many listeners are connected to your radio station at any moment. This data is also logged for performance reporting.

SAM interfaces with your website and allows automated song requests, improving the experience of your listeners. Your audience sees artist, title, album, cover art, and other information on the songs played.

Generate additional revenue with the StreamAds advertising delivery platform. SAM Broadcaster is internet radio software that makes you money!

Reduce costs with SAM' fully licensed, bandwidth saving, aacPlus v2 streaming encoders - they deliver near CD quality audio at only 48kb/s! You will also be amazed at how good SAM sounds at only 24kb/s.


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